A Brazilian-German Co-Production with Duo 2 | In production | A film by Rafa Calil

Shamans create a database of medical plants by immersing themselves in the rainforest to keep their healing heritage alive.


    The rainforest is home to a natural wealth. Scientists believe we only tracked a third of the rainforest’s biodiversity. This should be enough to certify its potential and protection. Instead, deforestation advances without mercy every year, and as a result, ancestral knowledge has been disappearing more and more.

    Leticia Yawanawa, an indigenous female leader, will spearhead a mystical journey in which shamans come together to share and catalog medical knowledge about powerful healing plants in order to affirm not only the importance of forest conservation but to also collate all of the unknown knowledge based on it.

    For the first time ever, they will organize knowledge empirically, thus guaranteeing its survival for future generations. For centuries, all knowledge was only shared orally, inside each tribe. So if one dies or a tribe becomes extinct, knowledge fades away. Leticia will shift this reality forever with a journey through the rainforest filled with medical plants and spiritual experiences. Shamans will share with her all their secrets, reveal their native knowledge that is struggling due to cultural colonialism. During this process, she will build what she calls a “Healing Center” to keep this knowledge alive. The “Healing Center” will be built in her village in order to gather all the knowledge collected and to make it accessible to all people. On its surrounding, a garden will concentrate the plants listed in the Center, functioning as a “traditional native drugstore”.


    Rafa Calil graduated in film. In 2008 he founded Duo2, where he acts as director and producer of documentary series for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Viacom, Turner, History Channel etc. He directed more than 400 episodes of series for television. He is currently finishing FOREST PEOPLE, his first film, a co-production with Globo Filmes on the legacy of Chico Mendes, and directing a series he created for National Geographic Brazil.


    Rafa Calil

    Flavia Cronfli

    Stefan Kloos


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