Germany, 2022 | 94 min. | German | A film by Antje Schneider

Hospital manager David Thies sets out to build the hospital of the future: A comfortable patient hotel rated 4 Stars plus, where organic food is served and everyone is treated as a guest – regardless of their health insurance category. Cutting privileges of doctors in exchange for quality in healthcare, David has come to make a radical change. But will he be able to cut off the health system’s old braids?


    4 star plus instead of the ordinary hospital standard – David-Ruben Thies, CEO of a hospital in Thuringia, has an ambitious plan. He dreams of the hospital of the future: A comfortable patient hotel, designed by a star architect, with organic food and an open fire – even for patients with public health insurance. Every patient will be treated as a guest, regardless of being publicly or privately insured. A place, where innovative care concepts are combined with medical quality and the best working conditions for the staff. But basically, his goal is much bigger: With his patient hotel, he wants to set new standards and revolutionize the healthcare system from within. To achieve this, he challenges established norms, habits and political standards. He considers the sleeves of the doctor’s white coats to be a source of germs and wants to cut them off. He wants to get rid of doctors’ offices and the standard two-bedroom. In HOSPITALity David meets Goliath: The German healthcare system. A look behind the scenes. How far can he go? What can he achieve? A film about a system that should focus on our well-being.


    Antje Schneider studied business administration and works as a freelance writer and director for public television, especially for MDR. In recent years, she has completed various training programmes, including being a participant in the screenwriting workshop “Talente” in Leipzig, the TP2 Talentpool and the Masterclass Non-Fiction at the ifs – international film school Cologne. In 2005, she received a scholarship for the screenwriting workshop at the HFF Munich. Her first film DIE SCHÖNE KRISTA (2013) was shortlisted for the German Film Award 2014 and received a nomination for the Grimme Award 2016, one of the most prestigious awards for TV programs in Germany.


    Written and Directed by
    Antje Schneider

    Stefan Kloos

    Executive Producer
    Bianca Laschalt

    Director of Photography and Editing
    Carsten Waldbauer

    Original Music
    Anna Kühlein

    Sound Design
    Andreas Vorwerk

    Re-Recording Mixing
    Tobias Adam

    Production Company
    Kloos & Co. Ost

    ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

    Commissioning Editor ZDF
    Christian Cloos

    World Sales
    Rise and Shine World Sales


    As part of the Fifty-Fifty deal of ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel & Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung


    Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis: World Premiere, 01-2022