Germany, 2012 | 84 Minutes | A film by Andrea Thiele

Mumbai, Munich and Tokyo – three driving schools, three students and six nations: When you have to take your driver’s license again in another country, driving styles and cultures collide.


    Using traffic as a metaphor, this movie is a true comedy that celebrates cultural diversity and the idea that we are all different.

    Mirela, Jake and Hye-Won are expats in Mumbai, Tokyo and Munich. Far away from their native countries Germany, USA and South Korea they all need a driver’s license somewhat urgently. Their confusion over driving on the right or left side of the road, waving hand signals or clicking are just the beginning of their big mission of how to adapt in a globalized world. While taking lessons and trying to pass their tests, they realize how their cultures are entirely in their way. If one wishes to drive there is no escape: one must adapt to culture, not to rules!

    Mirela, an impatient, decisive German woman launches her international design business in India – where buying a coffee can take two hours. Jake, a very relaxed citizen of the USA, seduced by the glory and mystery of Tokyo, discovers that his favorite word ‘whatever’ does not translate in Japan. Hye-Won, going through a family drama full of patterns of Korean traditions, learns to live by herself in Germany!

    AND WHO TAUGHT YOU TO DRIVE? is a fun, funny and dramatic story of people losing their way, finding another way, and discovering who they really are.


    Andrea Thiele was born in Munich in 1976. Before studying Documentary Directing at the University of Film and Television Munich (HFF Munich), she finished her studies in Mass Communication at the University in Miami. With PRIVATE EYES she graduated from HFF Munich. AND WHO TAUGHT YOU TO DRIVE? is her debut.


    Lia Jaspers

    Andrea Thiele

    Sebastian Bäumler

    Christoph Senn
    Ulf Albert

    Martial Kuchelmeister

    Stefan Kloos

    Production Managers
    Tina Naber
    Veronika Janatkova

    Michaela Kay
    Hauke Kliem

    Sound Design
    Hartmut Teschemacher

    Re-Recording Mixing
    Stephan Konken

    Kloos & Co. Medien

    Commissioning Editors BR/ARTE
    Sonja Scheider
    Natalie Lambsdorf
    Jochen Kölsch
    Monika Lobkowicz

    World Sales
    First Hand Films


    FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
    Deutscher Filmförderfonds
    Kuratorium junger deutscher Film
    Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
    Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union


    Listapad International Film Festival 2013
    „Best Cinematography“


    DOK Leipzig 2012, Germany
    Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- & Videofest 2012, Germany
    SXSW – South by Southwest 2013, Austin, USA
    Planete Doc Review International Film Festival 2013, Poland
    Moscow International Film Festival 2013, Russia
    Edmonton International Film Festival 2013, Canada
    Cinematic International Film Festival 2013, Piestany, Slovakia
    Message 2 Man 2013, St.Petersburg, Russia
    Margareth Mead Film Festival 2013, New York, USA
    Comedy Cluj International Film Festival 2013, Cluj, Romania
    Menschenrechtsfilmtage 2013, Klagenfurt, Austria
    Listopad International Film Festival 2013, Minsk, Belarus