When Russia started building barbed wire fences on the border to Georgia after the Ossetian war, they cut right through some villages. Malchaz and Gotcha suddenly find themselves on opposite sides. A story of friendship in times of political pressure.


The villagers of Churvaleti knew since the end of the Georgian war in 2008 that they were living on a border. Life was simple, but not far from normal. Until a while ago, when Russian patrols started drawing the borderline and putting up barbed wire fences. In Churvaleti, the barbed wire fence goes right through the village. Families and communities got divided. Every other hour border patrols pass by and put anyone in captivity who come close to the fence. In spite of this menace, the villagers find ways to stay in touch with their relatives and friends across the line. Life goes on, but will it ever be the same again?

Malkhaz Vanishvili
David Vanishvili
Valya Vanishvili
Gocha Makishvili


Director: Toma Chagelishvili
Camera: Kakhaber Mshvidobadze
Editor: Anna Lamazashvili
Sound: Tamta Mandzulashvili
Sound Design: Thomas Wallmann
Producer: Stefan Kloos, Victoria Kavzharadze, Toma Chagelishvili
Creative Producer: Veronika Janatková, Carsten Böhnke
Production: T-Studio, Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin
Supported by: Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Georgian National Film Center, Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2 Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, British Embassy Tbilisi Coucasian House


Documentary, Georgia/ Germany 2016 (75 min./52 min)


Director: Toma Chagelishvili
Production: T-Studio
, Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin
Distributor: Rise and Shine Cinema
World Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales


Festivals (Selection): One World Prague, Black Sea Arts Festival, Odessa Film Festival, Anûû-rû Aboro, One World Romania, Delai Festival, Chesnok Film Festival