In the back alleys of Moscow, forgotten treasures lurk: Utopian buildings, built in the 1920s in the spirit of Russian constructivism. Ruins of another future, reflecting the hopes and aberrations of modernity. Aren’t the buildings calling out to us? The film follows three Muscovites who are struggling with the buildings’ heritage. One citizen fights for the preservation of her own house and the old printing factory next door – the only preserved building by El Lissitzky. Donatas wants to live with his friends in a artist community. Vsevolod wants to preserve an architectural monument yet has to rebuild it. “Everyone who has been inside this house, is infected”, says Vsevolod. What do these buildings hold for us? What will be wiped out, once the last ones fall prey to decay or into the hands of real estate-investors? The filmmaker works with passages of manifestos by Rodchenko, El Lissitzky and Vesnin, as well as rare documentary footage from early Soviet film, among others by Dziga Vertov. A journey through time to the revolutionary 1920s and a portrait of Russian society today.

Donatas Grudovish
Vsevolod Kulish


Director: Isa Willinger
Cinematography: Kaspar Kaven
Editing: Frank Müller
Music: Benedikt Schiefer
Producer: Stefan Kloos
Production Manager: Veronika Janatková
Production: Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin
Co-production: Bayrischer Rundfunk & Arte
Commissioning Editors: Dr. Claudia Gladziejewski, Monika Lobkowicz (BR/ARTE)

„The first prize in the documentary category of the VII. İstanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival IS AWARDED to the film „Away From All Suns“, because of its success in analysing the problems which have come out of the dissolution of Modernism, with respect to the spatial context; the film is thereby communicating contemporary problems on a universal-level; it approaches the topic in a multi-layered way regarding political, architectural and urban issues; it is also given the first prize due to its attitude and narration.“ Jury statement, VII. İstanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival


„What astonishing stories are taking place in these buildings today! The buildings have almost outlived themselves, and yet inside they are imbued with experimenation and ingenuity. This is madly exciting (…)“ Vladimir Belogolovsky,


„Kyle Bergman, the director of the New York Architecture and Design Film Festival calls Away From All Suns a „hidden sleeper“ and recommends it as particularly worth seeing in this year’s festival program.“ Printmag


„The exceptional documentary Away From All Suns … thoughtfully explores the precarious fate of Russian constructivist architecture“ Andrew C. Stone, e-Oculus


„Stunning archival footage is mobilized to juxtapose these buildings’ original state against their current dilapidation… Great work.“ Architecture blog The Charnel House,


„Amongst the Ruins of the Russian Avant-garde“ Interview with director Isa Willinger in uncube magazine


Documentary, Germany 2013 (77 min.)


Director: Isa Willinger
Production: Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin
Co-production: Bayerischen Rundfunk & ARTE
World Sales: Rise And Shine World Sales


Awards (Selection): Best Documentary (Rome Internationl Festival of Films on Art and Architecture), Best Documentary (Istanbul Architecture and Urban Films Festival), Starter Filmpreis – Award der Stadt München, Best Film on Architecture, Design and Territory (ArtFilmFestival Asolo)

Festivals (Selection): DOKfest München, Architecture & Design Film Festival New York City, The International Art Film Festival Tel Aviv