b24 – 24 Stunden Berlin

b24 is a documentary experiment. The film shows one day and one night in Germany´s capital city. In an intimate two-person-crew-situation the two directors take their camera and sound equipment and follow people whose ways are incidentally crossing. In 15 entertaining episodes, protagonists give spontaneous insight into their lives and thoughts. Where are we going? This question runs through different realities as a kind of filmic thread. While some protagonists refer to it in a geographical sense, others give philosophical interpretations of their thoughts and their dreams regarding society as a whole or their own life. As a result the camera intuitively captures a world where the transitions between dustman, gallery owner, businessman and nightclubber, between lawyer, busdriver, student and tourist seem to be fluid.

Director: Mirko Dreiling, Sebastian Heinzel
Cinematography: Mirko Dreiling, Sebastian Heinzel
Editor: Thomas Krause
Sound Design: Andreas Puffpaff
Producer: Mirko Dreiling, Sebastian Heinzel
Music: Peter Spiegel, Kai Fischer
Art Direction: Cyprian Hercka
Production: dieWG
Co-Production: Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin


Documentary, Germany 2004 (60 min.)


Director: Mirko Dreiling, Sebastian Heinzel
Production: die wg
Co-Production: Kloos & Co. Medien Berlin
World Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales


Festivals: Achtung Berlin/D 2005
Awards: Audience Award (Achtung Berlin)